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From 2005 to 2015, I served as the president and founder of a company Capital Investors Polska focused on the complex commercialization of developments for market leaders in the hotel and real estate sectors. Our notable achievement was the successful sale of over 1,000 apartments and 350 condo hotel apartments, transforming them into premium estates that significantly boosted profitability. This success was driven by our strategy of acquiring prime plots of land in excellent locations, an approach inspired by global market analyses.

The challenge lay in stepping out of our comfort zone and investing in high-cost, high-potential areas, a move that ultimately paid off by elevating the status and value of our developments. By giving distinct character to each estate, we ensured they stood out as premium properties, making them more attractive and profitable. This period of my career honed my ability to analyze market trends, make strategic investments, and enhance the value of real estate assets through innovative commercialization techniques.

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Apartments and condo hotel units sold.
Years uration of leadership in premium real estate commercialization.
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Focus on premium locations and profitability.

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