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From 2016 to 2020, I led PII Polska as a board member and majority shareholder, overseeing the production of educational films and audio courses featuring esteemed Polish actors and lecturers such as Danuta Stenka, Jerzy Stuhr, Olgierd Łukaszewicz, Grazyna Wolszczak, Adam Ferency, Krystyna Czubówna and Piotr Borowiec. Our mission at the Personality Improvement Institute was to enhance personal and professional development through comprehensive self-development programs. We believed that by developing one’s personality, individuals could significantly improve their personal, family, and professional lives. Our offerings included publications, courses, and trainings designed to support self-discovery, reinforce key traits, and develop soft skills, all aimed at increasing employee engagement, reducing turnover, and boosting creativity and responsibility within organizations.

The institute’s products were tailored to different learning styles, providing both visual and auditory materials to inspire and facilitate personal growth. We recognized that the success of any organization largely depends on the potential and motivation of its employees, and our materials were designed to help unlock and enhance these qualities. This project stemmed from a decade-long dedication to helping people find meaning and lead better-quality lives. We created diverse and engaging content to make self-improvement both accessible and enjoyable, ensuring that our programs resonated with a wide audience.

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