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From 1993 to 2003, I served as the chairman and majority shareholder of ARM Transit Advertising, a company I founded to revolutionize outdoor transit advertising. My journey began with the ambitious goal of creating a discount card network in the Olsztyn province, achieving nearly 90% of our targets by establishing 400 points and selling 20,000 cards. Building on this success, we expanded our focus to nationwide advertising on buses and streetcars.

Our strategy involved collaborating with leading advertising agencies that serviced the largest global companies operating in Poland. This strategic shift allowed us to capture a significant share of the market. Remarkably, we mastered 80% of the courier companies in Poland, covering around 5,000 delivery vehicles with our advertisements.

During this period, we grew our team to over 40 employees, positioning ourselves as industry leaders in outdoor transit advertising. In 2001, our success attracted the attention of major investors, including a U.S. listed company and Europe’s investment fund. By 2003, I sold a block of my shares to strategic investors, marking a successful exit and setting the stage for the company’s continued growth.

This decade-long venture not only established ARM Transit Advertising as a market leader but also provided me with invaluable experience in strategic growth, market domination, and investor relations.

1 %
Market share captured in the courier company sector.
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Delivery vehicles covered with advertisemen
Years Duration of leadership as chairman and majority shareholder.

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