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Since 2020, I have been the president, board director, and majority shareholder of the Andrew Moszczynski Group, where we specialize in the publishing and commercialization of exclusive properties. Our company is dedicated to developing social skills through various media, including books, video, and audio courses. To date, we have published 42 books and produced 7 comprehensive audio and video courses, reaching a global audience in over 50 countries.

Our flagship offerings include the 22 Soft Skills Book Series, a comprehensive guide to social, communication, and self-management skills. This series covers a range of topics such as assertiveness, planning, and self-esteem, providing practical tips for personal and professional development.

Our Mission:

At Andrew Moszczynski Group, we believe that continuous learning and self-improvement are key to achieving success and fulfillment. Our diverse range of publications and courses are designed to inspire and motivate individuals to enhance their social competencies, build better relationships, and realize their full potential in both personal and professional spheres. Through our comprehensive programs, we aim to empower individuals with the skills they need to navigate and excel in today’s dynamic world.

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