About us

Andrew Moszczynski Institute is focused on sharing knowledge about how to become an effective entrepreneur. Success in running a business is determined by many factors, including well-developed soft skills.


Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision: To improve the quality of life for as many people as possible and help make their dreams come true.

Our Mission: To inspire and motivate our partners and customers to develop harmoniously and achieve satisfaction in life.

Our Values: Personal development, Truth, Freedom, Selflessness, Integrity, Trust

Andrzej Moszczyński


Andrew Moszczynski has been active in business for 30 years. His main skill is creating effective strategies for specific business areas.

Andrzej Moszczyński


As far back as I can remember, I have always searched for answers to the many questions about how to improve the quality of my life. During my younger years I had doubts about unquestioningly accepting the idea that in order to be a satisfied individual, one has to act in a way defined by a certain group of people. For example, as a student, it was expected that I should bring home good grades and follow the given curriculum at school.


Are you ready?

Who was Andrew thinking of while preparing the lecture program? About people who are strongly motivated to act and experience change. The goal of such people is to fully use their own potential, which means developing specific skills and gain knowledge that can be practically applied as soon as possible.


The mentality of an effective entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is bold, persistent, insightful, enthusiastic, realistic and has an optimal sense of self-esteem. He or she also has the following skills: they are eager to make decisions and take full responsibility for them, they set goals, plans, and priorities and are assertive.