Andrew Moszczynski has been active in business for 30 years. His main skill is creating effective strategies for specific business areas.

In the 90s, he was gaining experience in advertising – he was a CEO and a founder of two limited liability companies, where he was hiring over 40 people. These companies were leaders in their industries, mostly in external transit advertising (adverts on trams, buses, and cars). In 2001, two companies became interested in taking over the controlling interest in Andrew companies. One of them was an American stock-listed company operating in over 30 countries and focusing on radio and external advertising. The other one was the biggest investment fund in Europe. In 2003, Andrew sold shares in his companies to strategic investors.

In 2005-2015, he was a CEO and a founder of a company providing comprehensive commercialization services for leaders in the developer sector (in total, the company sold over 1000 flats and 350 hotel suites in a condo system).

In 2009-2018, he was a strategic stockholder and the chairman of a supervisory board in a factory manufacturing shipboard equipment, Expom S.A. This company’s scope of operation covered the whole world, providing machines (including cranes and hoists) for the marine industry. In 2018, he sold the package of his shares to an industry investor.

Andrew gained his knowledge on building goodwill and creating effective strategies with the help of the following institutions: Ernst & Young, Gallup Institute, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and Harvard Business Review. His expertise can be compared to the work of an instrument tuner.

Just like a tuner, Andrew improves different processes—especially those which involve interpersonal relations. He believes that people have a psychological mechanism which can be symbolically compared to a mental gyroscope or a mental night-vision device. Andrew role is to fix or commission those “devices”.

A gyroscope is a device which, regardless of complications, shows a specific direction. Such device is used on ships and planes. Andrew is sure that improving concentration and imagination activates our mental gyroscope. Thanks to that, we can find effective solutions to complicated challenges.

A night-vision device is an exceptional tool which allows you to see in the dark. It is used by military, intelligence services, or hunters. Andrew life is focused on studying internal motivation sources—a force that makes you act, take initiatives, accept challenges, leave your comfort zone. Andrew is convinced that developing one’s self-esteem leads to turning on our mental night-vision device. Without optimal self-esteem, life is just a burden.

In his work, Andrew concentrates on processes that increase the value of interpreting events properly, drawing conclusions from analyzing successes and failures, asking the right questions, and using imagination to foresee one’s future, which is directly connected to strategic thinking skills. These abilities help us understand the mechanisms of other people’s influence on us and prevent us from succumbing to omnipresent indoctrination. When a mental night-vision device works well, it gives us a warning just in time to show that somebody is using manipulation to get what they want.

Engaged in pro-social activities, Andrew is also an experienced speaker. Over the last 30 years, he has been invited to participate in various trainings and seminars, gatherings, or congresses. In total, he has spoken in public over 700 times. His speeches and lectures are known for inspiring examples and activating questions, which encourage the audience to act.