Are you ready

Are you ready?

Who was Andrew thinking of while preparing the lecture program? About people who are strongly motivated to act and experience change. The goal of such people is to fully use their own potential, which means developing specific skills and gain knowledge that can be practically applied as soon as possible.

Andrew’s observations show that candidates who wish to become successful entrepreneurs have clarity about what they want and they are also very determined individuals who cultivate conscientiousness and honesty on a daily basis. They don’t need to be motivated to start doing something, to master a subject. They immerse themselves in the topic and become experts in that particular field.

Very often they find themselves in the so-called state of flow. They will study something for up to 80 hours with only short breaks for sleep and a quick meal. If they find that a topic is interesting for them, they become fully absorbed by their curiosity. The state of happiness and fulfilment they experience while  studying is almost euphoric.

What is Andrew’s proposal? Through his lectures he is offering to be your advisor. His aim is to share his own experiences on the topic of “effective strategies” and the skill of resolving challenges.

The knowledge he shares mainly concerns the area of soft skill competences. This type of knowledge has been instrumental for him to achieve numerous valuable business goals.