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Andrew Moszczyński

In the 1990s, I embarked on my journey in the advertising industry, founding and leading two successful limited liability companies that specialized in outdoor transit advertising. Employing over 40 people, these companies quickly became industry leaders. By 2001, they attracted the attention of a U.S. listed company and Europe’s investment fund, leading to a strategic sale of shares in 2003.

From 2005 to 2015, I founded and presided over a company that mastered the complex commercialization of development market leaders, successfully selling more than 1,000 apartments and 350 condo hotel apartments. Between 2009 and 2018, I served as a strategic shareholder and chairman of the supervisory board at Expom SA, a global provider of marine equipment, where I facilitated significant growth before selling my shares in 2018.

My expertise lies in building company value and creating effective strategies, honed through collaborations with prestigious institutions like Ernst & Young, Gallup Institute, PwC, and Harvard Business Review. I approach my work like an instrument tuner, refining processes—especially those involving interpersonal relationships—to achieve harmony and peak performance. I believe in the power of what I call the mental gyroscope and mental night vision, which guide individuals through complex challenges and unknown territories by fostering concentration, imagination, and self-esteem.

Throughout my career, I have focused on improving processes that enhance our ability to interpret events accurately, learn from successes and failures, ask the right questions, and use imagination to predict and plan for the future. These skills help us understand the influences around us and avoid manipulation.

As a consultant and author, I have written extensively on the development of social competence and effective business strategies. Over the past 30 years, I have spoken at more than 700 seminars, conferences, and congresses, often at charitable and social events, where I aim to inspire and mobilize my audience with engaging examples and thought-provoking questions.

As a member of Sterling Angels, I am part of a vibrant community of professional investors dedicated to supporting innovative startups. Sterling Angels, a leading Polish business angel network, focuses on early-stage investments, providing not only financial backing but also mentorship and a robust network of business contacts. My role involves identifying high-potential startups, guiding them through strategic growth, and leveraging my expertise and connections to foster their success. Together, we are committed to nurturing the startup ecosystem and driving entrepreneurial innovatio

For over two decades, I have been a partner and business angel in various industries, including advertising, hospitality, commercial real estate, office buildings, galleries, the maritime industry, publishing, and education. My passion lies in driving transformative growth and fostering innovative solutions across diverse sectors.

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My Bussiness Story line

I built a diverse and impactful career across various industries. Here’s a snapshot of my professional journey:

Member of Sterling Angel
I support innovative startups as part of Sterling Angels, a community of professional investors.
CEO of Andrew Moszczynski Group
I manage the company, specializing in publishing and commercializing exclusive properties.
CEO of PII Poland
I oversaw the production of educational films and audio courses featuring renowned Polish actors and lecturers
CEO of Andrew Moszczynski Institute
I lead a training and publishing company based in the US, focusing on personal and professional development.
Chairman of Expom S.A.
As a strategic shareholder and chairman, I guided Expom S.A. in supplying marine equipment globally, and sold my shares in 2018.
Board Member and Shareholder at Warmia Investment
I helped develop the Centaurus project in Olsztyn, integrating office, retail, and hotel facilities.
Strategic Advisor in Hotel industry and Real Estate
I advised companies in the hotel and real estate sectors, focusing on building intangible assets and attracting investors during restructuring.
CEO of ARM Transit Advertising
I led ARM Transit Advertising, becoming a leader in outdoor transit advertising, and sold my shares to an industry investor in 2003.

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